Earley Ornamentals – Part 2
12th February 2020
Ebtech Glasshouse Systems complete new turnkey Glasshouse facilities at Stewarts Nurseries during Covid
18th January 2021
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W S Bentley Used Glasshouse by Ebtech

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems latest glasshouse project has been completed at the site of W S Bentley Growers Ltd in Yorkshire

The 7,964.8m² completely used glasshouse comprising of 6.4m bays & 4m sections was constructed in just over three weeks, following the foundations being pre done earlier in the year.

Restrictions on the planning meant the house could only have a 3m post height, however with the client growing on benches, this is not a great concern.

The glasshouse has two pane ventilation either side of the ridge operating on a rail mech system

The gutters are steel, each with white PVC downpipes

The glasshouse consisted of a couple of dog legs, but in all it was a very straight forward build for the experienced crew                                                                                                                                 Another great installation for Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd in conjunction with our Dutch partner


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