Re roof at Aylings Garden Centre
25th February 2021
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Sandwich Panel Glasshouse

In December 2020 Ebtech Glasshouse Systems completed the build of a glasshouse completely clad in sandwich panels at a Garden Centre in Hampshire

Our clients remit was for us to remove their existing twin span Polytunnel and wooden canopy area, leaving the brick toilet block in situ and build a glasshouse around it to create a new and fresh environment

The works included making good and slightly extending the concrete base and building a breeze block wall

We constructed the glasshouse with the posts directly chemically anchored to the concrete base

The glasshouse was completely clad in sandwich panels on the walls and roof with a sliding door at one end

Once completed the floor was painted and the area was used as a new sales showroom for outdoor garden furniture

The new facility also provided toilets that were no longer exposed to the external conditions

The new use of the area has provided the client with the opportunity to showcase a lot more of their products in a cool and fresh environment

For more information on this kind of structure, please do not hesitate to contact us


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