New Commercial Glasshouses

With differing bay span width sizes, heights, ventilation size and gutters, each commercial Venlo greenhouse is designed closely with the grower.  Working with our Dutch suppliers, all new commercial glasshouses are designed and constructed to the very latest relevant standards. Commercial Venlo glasshouses are typically designed in roof spans of 3.2m, but 4.0m are becoming more popular to enable greater light levels for the plants. Glasshouse widths can be made up of between one and four roof sections,  supported by a trellis girder to provide a greater open space between support posts. The Venlo glasshouse can be glazed in different materials to meet the needs of the environment  Such materials include Toughened glass, White glass, Polycarbonate,  Standard commercial Horticultural glass, Diffused or frameless glass or the structure could be completely clad in Composite panelling The Venlo structure is suitably designed to accommodate all services, such as screening, lighting or heating systems. New glasshouses conform with the BS5502 standard as well as the Dutch NEN

Used Commercial Glasshouses

Many modern commercial glasshouses are dismantled in favour of relocation in Holland, therefore providing an opportunity for dismantled Glasshouse materials to be used elsewhere. Used Glasshouses are no longer just structures taken down on one site and constructed on another, the materials go through a quality control process before being stored and ready for reusing. Our Used Glasshouses meet all current NEN regulations and can be designed to meet growers' requirements in size, length, height and even gutter type. Once a design has been agreed with the grower, we deliver the materials to site and the building process is identical to that of a new commercial Glasshouse. Purchasing used Glasshouses with a touch of uncertainty about the quality is a thing of the past, as we aim to provide complete customer satisfaction.

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