...Static benching can have varying bases such as:


  • Galvanised weld mesh
  • Plastic flood trays c/w drain valves
  • Polystyrene for heating pipes or mats
  • Plain flat galvanised base. The choice of which base to use depends on the growers irrigation requirements.
  • The top frame of the benches are all aluminium. Bench legs are hot dip galvanised, adjustable in height and are designed to be free standing or come with bolted down feet or the legs can be concreted directly into the ground.
    We are able to supply aluminium potting, tiered and octagonal benches
    Mobile benching comes with the same bases as static, but are used in areas to maximise bench capacity and reduce the need for fixed paths between each bench. The bench tops will roll a third of their width and can be supplied with anti tilt bars to prevent the bench top from being pushed too far to one side and tilting over. Brakes can also be supplied, should a grower wish to only move the bench a certain distance and leave it in that position. Container benching is also available as a fully automated system or replacement container.

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